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We’ve been hard at work, gathering your feedback and heard you loud and clear. Today we’re pleased to announce Voice User Profiles on www.voicelabs.co, a feature many developers have been asking for.


What’s New with Voice User Profiles?
Understanding the user journey

Which users are re-engaging and what do they have in common? What do your top 50 users have in common? What about your bottom 50 users?

With Voice User Profiles, you now have the ability to follow individual user journeys through your voice application, and start to understand the story behind the user behavior.New users in real-time
Beyond aggregate stats for new users, you can now dig in with Voice UserProfiles to see exactly how every individual user engages.Measure the effect of a new release
Quickly determine whether a new release had a positive impact on loyal users’ sessions per day, session lengths, and overall retention.

Simply filter by date, and explore individual user behavior. Compare that behavior to a previous date cohort, to get the answers you need to build a better experience.


Keep blazing the trail, we’re right there with you!
-The VoiceLabs Team