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VoiceLabs Voice Pathing

Voice Application (& Alexa Skill) Analytics Primer

Now that we have a number of Voice developers using VoiceInsights, we wanted to provide an overview of why Voice Analytics is powerful for this new generation of apps. The opportunity: Voice is a new interface for consumers, akin to using mobile in 2007. To that end,... Read More »
VoiceLabs Successful Sessions

The one metric every Voice developer should track

A couple of weeks ago, we launched Voice Pathing to visualize your voice conversations. Alexa skill developers were amazed at the difference between expected consumer conversations vs. what actually was happening. We are proud to say voice experiences have... Read More »
Amazon Fire TV

Minority Report is coming to your TV, and it will be Voice-first

To read more content, check out our new blog! We have migrated this post to that site. Today, with the announcement of the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, we are one step closer to the future. We have seen the early steps towards ‘Voice + Screen’ innovation... Read More »
iPhone 6 needs to be plugged in for Siri always on

Apple iPhone 6 Power Constraint will slow Siri adoption

At VoiceLabs we have immersed ourselves in the world of Voice-first applications. The market is early and evolving daily, and to evolve the world it is critical for Amazon, Apple, Google (and maybe Microsoft) to get the details right. We, like most of the nerd-world:... Read More »