What we are thinking about

A couple of weeks ago, we launched Voice Pathing to visualize your voice conversations. Alexa skill developers were amazed at the difference between expected consumer conversations vs. what actually was happening.

We are proud to say voice experiences have dramatically improved for our customers because of it!

The next step is to answer: “Is our voice experience successful? Are we improving the experience?” With our latest release, we’ve got you covered!

Today, we’re introducing a single metric that every voice developer should track% Successful Sessions. By keeping track of this single key metric, you’ll be able answer whether your consumer experience is improving, as you add features and grow your audience.

How do I find my % Successful Sessions?

VoiceLabs Successful Sessions

Head over to your ‘Behavior Flows’ screen under the Analytics tab. Just click on the ‘Edit’ button next to the ‘% Successful sessions’ metric, and start marking successful paths. You’ll notice the metric update once you click ‘Done’.

That’s it! You now have an ongoing metric that measures whether most sessions are enjoyable and successful over time. A high % Successful Sessions leads to repeat usage and social sharing.

How do you get started?

If you’ve integrated the Voice Labs SDK, you’re good to go! VoiceLabs automatically builds the behavioral flows and all the the conversation threads. All you have to do is go select the successful paths through your application, and we’ll track the KPI for you!

The VoiceLabs Team