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Now that we have a number of Voice developers using VoiceInsights, we wanted to provide an overview of why Voice Analytics is powerful for this new generation of apps.

The opportunity:

Voice is a new interface for consumers, akin to using mobile in 2007. To that end, consumers are not aware of how to best interact and all the capabilities that are possible, and easily confused. This leads to abandoned sessions and retention issues with Alexa skills.

The opportunity is to analyze voice sessions and repeat usage, uncover ways to make the experience better, and continuously improve the voice experience.  While this might seem like a daunting task, VoiceInsights supercharges this process and increases the velocity of innovation.

How to significantly improve your voice application using VoiceInsights in four easy steps:

Step 1: Get a full picture of your consumer behavior

VoiceInsights’ Voice Pathing capability shows all your user flows, and easily uncovers areas for improvement.

Voice Flow

In the example above, this cooking app expect users to ask for a recipe and use this skill to cook dinner. Going top to bottom, Path 1 is definitely a successful path.

Step 2: Drill down on troublesome paths

However, Path 2 is not a path you would expect and is happening over 25% of the time… why?  With Voice Pathing, it is easy to drill down and find the root cause.

Alexa Skill Analytics

Why did a user, launch the app, then promptly tell Alexa to stop? The user asked for this skill because they had explicit interest in finding a recipe for dinner, yet left unfulfilled. This is similar to a user wanting a bank balance, but never getting it, or a user wanting to play music but leaving before a song is every played.

Let’s use Voice Pathing to understand what is going on, by seeing the actual Voice Sessions:

Step 3: Understand the actual interactions to find the root cause of issues

Conversation's come alive

By looking at the actual session, it clearly shows that a seemingly valid response “chicken” is not being handled correctly and triggering the STOP Intent. A quick fix adding more specialized sample utterances (or sample values for a custom slot) will help map user speech to the right Intent, and ultimately will lead to an increase in Successful Sessions.

Step 4: Small changes to the skill make a BIG impact

From quick analysis, a simple fix to Intent Values will increase Successful Sessions by 10%, leading to a major increase in customer satisfaction.

Let’s look at another session:


In the context of a cooking app, ‘explosive’ doesn’t seem like an appropriate recipe. I like my food spicy, but not explosive… This is an indicator that Alexa heard a word wrong, and in this case instead of triggering the Stop intent you want to find a way to keep the session going.

Voice Pathing is a great way to uncover where the user needs help, and add functionality to your skill to guide the user to a Successful Session.

The best Voice Developers are on a mission to deliver 100% successful sessions.

Voice Pathing is the key tool on this mission. Imagine if every person who uses your skill has a delightful experience? This would be a five-star skill with viral adoption, tremendous brand loyalty and social sharing, and strong consumer delight.

VoiceLabs Voice Pathing


VoiceLabs is your partner on this journey, and we look forward to working with you.