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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — December 8, 2016 — VoiceLabs, the leader in voice experience analytics, today announces the availability of its analytics service for Google Assistant developers. This comes the same day that Google releases Actions on Google, enabling developers to build Actions on Google Assistant for Google Home.

Through close partnership with Google, VoiceLabs developed this service and received permission, then validation, from Google as an official launch partner and trusted source of Voice Analytics for all Google Assistant developers. This announcement comes as Google Home, which is powered by Google Assistant, is getting broad distribution into homes across America.

The VoiceLabs Analytics service is free and available here.

“VoiceLabs has quickly become an integral part of any Voice Application we develop. The ingenious UX for displaying user behavior is invaluable during the entire lifecycle. During development and user testing, we rely on VoiceLabs to track down bugs and flaws in our assumed conversation flow. In production, the insights VoiceLabs provides allows us to optimize and evolve our Voice Applications intelligently. VoiceLabs is easy to integrate, easy to use and extremely valuable.”

— Jesse Streb, Principal, Rocket Insights – Developer of Premium Voice and Mobile Applications for brands including Virgin Group, Intuit, Weight Watchers and Fox.

A breakthrough computing interface requires new Analytics

We are watching a groundbreaking new interface become mainstream, Voice. It is important to recognize just how seminal this is for consumer interactions – these type of evolutions come along once a decade. The previous two groundbreaking interfaces were Websites and Mobile Applications.

When a new interface becomes mainstream, it takes about five years to get the consumer experience right. For Web and Mobile, we learned how important graphic design, page loading speeds and click-stream flows were.

For Voice, there are no clarifying visuals or text descriptions. The consumer enters the experience, and either has a delightful experience or leaves unfulfilled. This is why Voice Experience Analytics is critical to evolve this groundbreaking interface.

Voice Applications require new Actionable Insights

To be a leader in the Voice evolution, you need the ability to understand the consumer experience and act – this is why VoiceLabs exists. Millions of consumers are now purchasing, playing, communicating and learning in an entirely new way, and companies that want to be part of this tidal wave need to deliver delightful experiences.

A key insight is that, for Voice, analyzing consumer responses and AI interpretations are more important than ever before, and Voice Labs created Voice Pathing to quickly and easily understand every consumer voice flow. Once you Understand, you can Improve. VoiceLabs has only scratched the surface in Voice Experience Analytics, and this partnership with Google will only accelerate VoiceLabs’ innovations.

About VoiceLabs

VoiceLabs is a pioneer in Voice Experience Analytics, evolving voice applications in the home, car and on the go. VoiceLabs’ flagship offering is a Voice Analytics service, which serves as the foundation for data-driven growth products. By being an early leader, VoiceLabs has listened to customers and rolled out compelling capabilities such as Voice Pathing, User Profiles and Voice KPIs. VoiceLabs works with great companies as they adapt to the millions of consumers now using their voice to get things done, by providing engagement and monetization solutions in this emerging Voice ecosystem.

For more information, please contact press@voicelabs.co.