What we are thinking about

We are pleased to announce the VoiceLabs’ Speech Finder!

With Speech Finder, you’ll discover user speech ranked by popularity, and know what your consumers are asking for most.

In addition, Speech Finder shows what spoken word triggers intents incorrectly, and what speech yields mis-handled responses.

VoiceLabs' Speech Finder

Example showing Speech Finder uncovering the most popular speech for a given intent, and a well-handled response.


How do I use Speech Finder?

First, make sure your conversations are properly instrumented and that you’re capturing speech values. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor and search through your speech data to discover how your users are interacting with each intent in your voice experience.

We developed this new feature with a handful of customers, and have already seen Speech Finder lead to app improvements. Contact info@voiclabs.co to get specific case studies.