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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — February 2, 2016 — VoiceLabs, the leader in voice experience analytics, today announces that Amazon has teamed up with VoiceLabs to recommend the company’s Voice Experience Analytics to Alexa skill developers.

VoiceLabs is the most widely used voice analytics service for major voice platforms, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The company’s voice-first usage on its platform grew 3,610% in November, and grew another 2,237% in December. The number of consumers on VoiceLabs’ platform grew 1,500% from November to December, and crossed the one million user mark in January.

“We are excited to extend our relationship with Amazon as we work hard to serve voice developers everywhere. Amazon has done a fantastic job of helping developers build Alexa skills, and now they are helping those developers get critical tools they need to be successful,” Adam Marchick, CEO and co-founder of VoiceLabs.

The VoiceLabs Analytics service is free and available here.

See how Terren Peterson of Capital One gets value from VoiceLabs.

“VoiceLabs has quickly become an integral part of any Voice Application we develop. The ingenious UX for displaying user behavior is invaluable during the entire lifecycle. During development and user testing, we rely on VoiceLabs to track down bugs and flaws in our assumed conversation flow. In production, the insights VoiceLabs provides allow us to optimize and evolve our Voice Applications intelligently.

In short; VoiceLabs is easy to integrate, easy to use and extremely valuable.”

— Jesse Streb. Principal, Rocket Insights – Developer of Premium Voice and Mobile Applications for brands including Virgin Group, Intuit, Weight Watchers and Fox.


This announcement comes after customers purchased a record-setting number of the Amazon Echo family of products during the holiday 2016 season. VoiceLabs estimates that over 6 million Amazon Echo’s were sold in 2016, and the number skills available on Alexa recently surpassed 8,000.

The Voice-First market is poised for major growth in the coming years, and today’s news signifies a significant step in that direction.

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About VoiceLabs

VoiceLabs is a pioneer in Voice Experience Analytics, evolving voice applications in the home, car and on the go. VoiceLabs’ flagship offering is a Voice Analytics service, which serves as the foundation for data-driven growth products. By being an early leader, VoiceLabs has listened to customers and rolled out compelling capabilities such as Voice Pathing, User Profiles and Voice KPIs. VoiceLabs works with great companies as they adapt to the millions of consumers now using their voice to get things done, by providing engagement and monetization solutions in this emerging Voice ecosystem.

The VoiceLabs Analytics service is free and available here.
For more information, please contact press@voicelabs.co.

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