What we are thinking about

In the 2017 Voice Report we covered the core tenets of every ecosystem: retention, distribution, and monetization. In that study we discovered that retention was a major challenge for voice applications.

After working with several of our partners, we’re excited to ship our Retention Dashboard, made for voice developers!

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What do I get from the Retention Dashboard?

The Retention Dashboard showcases user cohorts by the day they joined, and whether they come back to your voice experience on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

We’ve also integrated benchmark retention data so you can see how your retention compares to others on the VoiceLabs network.
Here are some examples of things that affect retention: freshness of your content, creating a daily habit via conversational cues, and building single-purpose experiences. As you iterate on your application, this dashboard will help you understand stickiness of your new features.

Case studies, tips and tricks

This week we’re featuring some tips and tricks from Sean Fisher, a voice developer with over 5 Alexa Skills — all are in the 95th retention percentile! He shares with us how he does it, and what is top of mind in this Retention Do’s and Dont’s blog post.

Earlier this week, VentureBeat also put out a great article: 5 ways popular Alexa skills keep users coming back, based on conversations with VoiceLabs.

Join the discussion

Expect more retention case studies on the customer Slack channel once we get approval (we take privacy very seriously). Please tell your friends about VoiceLabs – the stronger the community the more we can help.

We think these new features will help you and your team continue to build amazing voice experiences!

-The VoiceLabs Team