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We have been listening and taking notes!

One piece of feedback that stuck with us recently was: “It would be great if I could look at all of the behavioral flows and choose specific paths to explore. Specifically, what are all the subpaths for a given intent? ” 

To this end, welcome Path Explorer to the platform! With Path Explorer, dive deeper into what users are saying and go from analyzing top paths to drilling into specific use cases.

With this capability, you’ll be able to explore almost every path in your application while not getting inundated with hundreds paths at the top level.

Navigate to the Pathing dashboard, and you’ll see a new drop down called “Explore”:

VoiceLabs Path Explorer

How to use Path Explorer:

Drilling into the ‘AskLocation’ intent above, you’ll see all the subpaths starting with the ‘AskLocation’ intent. This provides an in-depth view of all the ways your users are taking the conversation, starting from a specific intent:

VoiceLabs Amazon Alexa Analytics SubPaths

Upon selection of a subpath, you still get the benefit of exploring the detailed conversations, and digging into slot values. Scroll to the Sessions tab of a specific path, and you’ll see the entire conversation where ‘AskLocation’ is invoked.

With Path Explorer, you’ll get great visibility into hundreds of the most important paths without needing to sift through a list of 100’s of paths in the Voice Pathing screen. We believe this is the right balance of keeping ‘the most important top of mind’ while giving you the ability to drill deeper.

Other useful items alpha users have uncovered:

  • After someone gave a positive response i.e. “Yes,” do consumers get what they want?
  • For important functionality or error cases, explore that intent to drill into more specific (less popular) paths.
  • After you deliver a key capability (i.e. listing a recipe), how do users respond?
  • Review whether people are having successful experiences off of specific intents, or getting confused.
  • If you ask a customer a qualifying question (i.e. can I have one more piece of information), does it solve the issue or only lead to more questions?



The VoiceLabs Team