What we are thinking about

Dear VoiceLabs Community,

It is with great respect for you that we make a company announcement, and we are grateful for your support.

We are exiting the Analytics Business, the VoiceInsights product many of you use daily.

The moment we made this decision, our first focus was how to best take care of you, the voice app developers that partnered with us.

To that end, below we have outlined an action plan that gives you access, options and time.


This Alpine blog post has more information: we are focusing on Alpine.AI. We have built a new product to help brands and retailers with the voice-enabled path to purchase, and have created a new company to fully focus on this opportunity. We’d love to discuss Alpine further with interested parties; this post is about taking care of our analytics users.

I’m using VoiceInsights, what do I do now?

It is your data

The first thing is we take your data seriously, and it is your data. To that end, we have built Export functionality to access your data while our service is still running. You can find the Export button on our dashboard page:

Export Banner

Migration Options

We have talked to a number of existing users: some are planning to bring analytics in-house while others wanted us to recommend what to use now. We engaged many other Analytics providers to help, and are happy to announce that Chatbase and Dashbot are great options for a seamless transition:


VoiceLabs’ Analytics service will run until March 29th, giving you time to export and migrate.

Thank you

We know this will cause extra work for you, and for that, we apologize. We are excited to serve companies in the most impactful way and believe Alpine.AI is the best way to do that. Thank you, and we look forward to collaborating with you in this exciting Voice space!


The Alpine team (formerly VoiceLabs)