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iPhone 6 needs to be plugged in for Siri always on

Apple iPhone 6 Power Constraint will slow Siri adoption

At VoiceLabs we have immersed ourselves in the world of Voice-first applications. The market is early and evolving daily, and to evolve the world it is critical for Amazon, Apple, Google (and maybe Microsoft) to get the details right. We, like most of the nerd-world:... Read More »
VoiceLabs' Voice Pathing

Voice Pathing – Visualizing the Conversation

Share this on Twitter At VoiceLabs we’re really enjoying the journey into voice-first interfaces, and we’re excited to announce a key new capability that came from a burning customer need: How do I know consumers are using my skill as I intended it to be used? Voice... Read More »
Echo in the wild

Creating the VUX Discipline

Share List   With the emergence of voice-first applications, developers and designers need to evolve to serve consumers. We are calling it Voice User Experience (VUX). It requires understanding the consumer’s interest, and the ability to interact hands and screen... Read More »
Voice User Profiles

Announcing Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant User Profiles

Share List   We’ve been hard at work, gathering your feedback and heard you loud and clear. Today we’re pleased to announce Voice User Profiles on www.voicelabs.co, a feature many developers have been asking for.   What’s New with Voice User Profiles?... Read More »
Echo in the Kitchen

The Amazon Echo, present and future

Share List To read more content, check out our new blog! We have migrated this post to that site. The next big thing may not look like much at first glance. But if you overlook Jeff Bezos’ cylinder of obsession, the Amazon Echo, you may be missing this decade’s... Read More »