VoiceLabs is on a mission

VoiceLabs is a company dedicated to evolving voice applications in the Home.

Communicating via voice is natural and intuitive, and recent innovations in artificial intelligence have unlocked the potential for people and computers to have entertaining, productive and enlightening interactions. VoiceLabs is on a mission to support and enable this new frontier.

The future promise

Imagine a world without menus, forms or complex user interfaces, just say what you desire and… magic! That is the promise of voice.

Whether effortlessly playing music, quickly turning on living room lights, or seamlessly ordering dinner for four, voice is changing the game for millions of people. VoiceLabs is here to help usher in this future.

Who we are working with

We are not alone in this journey, and are here to serve the brands and developers innovating in voice. We are also partnering with market leaders like Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft to be innovators and good stewards to this ecosystem.

The Amazon Echo and Google Home are the first magical pieces of hardware with sophisticated voice intelligence inside, and there are many more to come.

What we are doing now

VoiceLabs provides valuable insights to the voice ecosystem. VoiceLabs exists to empower the companies and developers building voice applications. We are partnering with an initial set of Tier 1 brands to deliver compelling Alexa skills and Actions on Google, and building analytics products that the entire voice ecosystem will need.

VoiceLabs is the partner brands and developers can trust.